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Ceramic Pro is a global leader in surface protection, unlike other “car paint protection” brands on the market Ceramic Pro also specialise in many industries such as Marine, Aviation, Military and Industrial Industries.

Our advanced coating research and development centre is the largest in the world, where we progressively research and develop new formulations for many different types of surfaces and industries, our knowledge and expertise in coating technology is at the forefront of surface protection technology.

Validated by the global authority on certification of products and their suitability – SGS. Ceramic Pro achieved the highest possible result in each test. All coatings within the Ceramic Pro range have been tested and certified as non-toxic. [Results]

Our mission is two fold; to protect and improve the lifespan of your assets, and preserve the irreplaceable ecosystems.

Ceramic Pro is renowned for its world wide quality, available in over 70 Countries with over 5000 Applicators. Find an applicator in Australia near you.

Top Gear Festival 2014

After the success of the previous Top Gear Festival Sydney at the Sydney Motorsport Park we returned in 2014 with an even bigger and better display with a stunning Ferrari 360 F1 Challenge Stradale!

With action happening at all corners of Sydney Motorsport Park, on display was some of Australia’s best automotive exotica, motoring personalities and everything from drifting, burnouts, off-roading, lap records and more!

The Ceramic Pro Ferrari 360 F1 Challenge Stradale was on display looking stunning and fully treated with the Ceramic Pro range of coatings from the Permanent Paint Protection coating to Fabric Protection.

Ferrari 599

Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano – Named the 599 after is engine displacement and GTB short for Gran Turismo Berlinetta, and Fiorano after the famous private track Ferrari uses to hone its F1 and road cars.

This stunning all-aluminium two-seater coupé received paint work decontamination to remove tar deposits and any contamination followed by a Stage One Paint Correction to remove any imperfections, swirl marks and scratches in the paint work, once the paint work was restored to a very high standard Ceramic Pro Paint Protection was applied by Superior Shine and Driven Colour.

As a combined effort of 7 hours (14 man hours) were spent on the vehicle in total removing heavy tar deposits and correcting the paint work so it could be sealed and protected with Ceramic Pro.

Ceramic Pro is not just for Exotic Supercars! Buying a New Car? Well contact one of our Approved Applicators in your area for a quote and more information.


Maserati Granturismo MC Shift

This stunning sleek looking Maserati Granturismo MC Shift was the latest addition to the écurie25 Supercar Club Collection, Superior Shine was called upon to travel down to Melbourne to work on this 444hp, 4.7L V8 Beast!

The paint work was in pretty good condition to start with however a Stage One Paint Correction was performed to remove minimal swirl marks that were visible in direct light, once the paint work was corrected and enhanced it was then coated with Ceramic Pro Permanent Paint Protection to ensure the paint work is protected from damaging contaminants.

Ceramic Pro Paint Protection forms a permanent bond to the factory paint work protecting it from damaging contaminants with its unique nano-ceramic formula. The coating features anti-grafitti properties which prevent contamination from sticking to the surface and a super hydrophobic effect so water beads up and simply rolls off the vehicle keeping the car cleaner for longer.

Ceramic Pro are proud “Official Partners” of ecurie25 the World’s Largest Supercar Club – Trusted to protect Australia’s most Exotic Supercars! écurie25 entrust Ceramic Pro to protect their exclusive and exotic supercar collection from damaging contaminants and to ensure their cars stay cleaner for longer whilst their members enjoy their time in the vehicles.



Top Gear Festival 2013

Top Gear Festival Sydney was launched for the first time in March 2013 at the Sydney Motorsport Park. Ceramic Pro featured at the event with a new Lamborghini LP570-4 Performante Spyder on display worth $660,000 from ecurie25, over 44,000 spectators attended the event which flocked to the marquee to see one of the most amazing Supercars on display at the event treated with Ceramic Pro and our stunning promo models which will also be on the Top Gear UK TV Show and Top Gear DVD.

Top Gear Festival Sydney was an outstanding event with action happening at every corner of the Sydney Motorsport Park from the Redbull F1 Car, Drifting, Stunt Driving and of course the Top Gear UK Presenters that attracted record breaking crowds to the venue like never seen before.

Over 22 man hours was spent preparing the Lamborghini Performante for the event which has been machine polished and coated with Ceramic Pro Permanent Ceramic Paint Protection by Superior Shine & Driven Colour.

Shelby GT500

The 2013 Shelby GT500 SVT – A very rare sight in Australia with only a few in the country, the fastidious owner entrust Ceramic Pro and its professional approved applicators to perform their magic on the stunning american muscle car. Driven Colour and Superior Shine teamed up to perform a 18 hour paint correction and paint protection to protect this rare 662HP Supercharged beast!

A Stage Two Machine Polish was done over 18 hours with various polishes and machine polishing pads to correct the swirl marks and scratches on this stunning vehicle and achieve a flawless finish before Ceramic Pro Permanent Ceramic Paint Protection was applied to seal it in and protect the paint work from contamination and wash induced swirl marks.

Work performed by –
Driven Colour and Superior Shine

Lamborghini Superleggera

Ceramic Pro is known within the Exotic Supercar circles as the best and most trusted paint protection coating available and only applied by exclusive detailers that are highly trained professionals.

Not only is every car of the $7 million dollar ecurie25 Supercar Club in Australia treated with Ceramic Pro and endorsed by ecurie25 but a countless amount of privately owned exotic supercar owners put their trust in Ceramic Pro to protect their pride and joy with some vehicles being in excess of $1 million dollars!

Below is a fine example of a Lamborghini Superleggera owner that has entrusted Ceramic Pro and its exclusive Melbourne applicator to apply Ceramic Pro Permanent Ceramic Paint Protection and Ceramic Pro Fabric protection for the full Alcantara (Suede like) interior.

Porsche Cayman S

This Porsche Cayman S was already well looked after and detailed regularly, however the customer opted to have the paint work, leather and fabric protected by Ceramic Pro to ensure the car stays in the best possible condition and is easier to clean.

As the paint work was already in great condition only a Stage One Machine Polish was performed to ensure the paint work had no imperfections and to obtain a high level of gloss before sealing the paint work the Ceramic Pro Permanent Ceramic Paint Protection. The interior was also protected with Ceramic Pro Leather and Ceramic Pro Fabric Protection

Work performed by –
Superior Shine


Porsche GT3

This Porsche GT3 is another Supercar from the exclusive ecurie25 Supercar Club (The worlds largest and longest established Supercar Club in the world). With only minimal km’s on the clock the paint work was in fairly average condition with swirl marks and other imperfections giving it a rather dull looking finish.

The vehicle was washed, clay barred to remove embedded contamination and then it received a Stage Two Machine Polished over 11 hours to remove imperfections and restore a stunning deep gloss mirror finish. It was then coated with Ceramic Pro Permanent Paint Protection, this increased the gloss levels even further giving it a true mirror finish that was free of any imperfections.

Black car’s can be hard to maintain as they look dirty quite quickly and also show swirl marks and scratches very easily, by coating the paint with Ceramic Pro this will add a super hydrophobic ceramic layer to the factory paint work, the super hydrophobic properties of Ceramic Pro will allow water to permanently bead on the paint work causing any dirty water to roll off the car you drive. The ceramic coating is also much harder then the factory clear coat which will help prevent wash induced swirl marks and contamination from damaging the paint work.

Work performed by –
Superior Shine

Aston Martin

This stunning Aston Martin Virage is owned by the ecurie25 Supercar Club (The worlds largest and longest established Supercar Club in the world). It had moderate swirl marks and minor paint imperfections, firstly several paint thickness readings were taken on each panel to get an average paint thickness, it was then clay barred to remove any embedded contamination and machine polished over a total of 8 hours with a combination of polishes to achieve a stunning imperfection free finish.

After the paint work was restored back to perfect it was then coated with Ceramic Pro Permanent Paint Protection, creating an even further high gloss and hard ceramic layer to protect the paint work from damaging contaminants and minor wash induced swirl marks.

Work performed by –
Superior Shine