Porsche GT3

This Porsche GT3 is another Supercar from the exclusive ecurie25 Supercar Club (The worlds largest and longest established Supercar Club in the world). With only minimal km’s on the clock the paint work was in fairly average condition with swirl marks and other imperfections giving it a rather dull looking finish.

The vehicle was washed, clay barred to remove embedded contamination and then it received a Stage Two Machine Polished over 11 hours to remove imperfections and restore a stunning deep gloss mirror finish. It was then coated with Ceramic Pro Permanent Paint Protection, this increased the gloss levels even further giving it a true mirror finish that was free of any imperfections.

Black car’s can be hard to maintain as they look dirty quite quickly and also show swirl marks and scratches very easily, by coating the paint with Ceramic Pro this will add a super hydrophobic ceramic layer to the factory paint work, the super hydrophobic properties of Ceramic Pro will allow water to permanently bead on the paint work causing any dirty water to roll off the car you drive. The ceramic coating is also much harder then the factory clear coat which will help prevent wash induced swirl marks and contamination from damaging the paint work.

Work performed by –
Superior Shine