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Perth Car Paint Protection Centre


Looking to protect your new or used car with the best Paint Protection product on the market?


Ceramic Pro is Nano Ceramic Coating that creates a Permanent Adhesion to the factory paint work of the vehicle, protecting it indefinitely from environmental contaminants such as bird droppings, bug impacts, tar, tree sap and other fallout that may compromise the factory paint work if it was not protected.


Permanent Protection – Ceramic Pro can only be removed by abrasion (sanding/polishing) due its strong permanent bond with the factory paint work, meaning it will not wash off over time like other paint protection products. Most importantly the coating is fully chemical resistant, so any damaging environmental fall out such as acidic bird poo, bug splatter or even heavy chemical cleaners will not affect the paint protection coating!


Repellency – Ceramic Pro is a hydrophobic coating, any liquid that comes in contact with the coated surface will simply bead up along with any dirt and grime and roll off the paint work, keeping the car cleaner for longer and easier to clean!


Lifetime Warranty* – Ceramic Pro is covered by a Nationwide Lifetime Warranty, covering your paint work for environmental fallout such as bird poo, bug splatter, tar, tree sap if it happens to affect the coated surface –


Ceramic Pro Perth Paint Protection Centre


Diamond Paint Protection
Unit 2/6 Tidal Way, Bibra Lake WA 6163
0417 958 358


About our Perth Paint Protection Centre:


  • Experience – Diamond Paint Protection has been polishing and protecting cars in Perth, WA for over 16 years. Highly experienced, only using the latest products and techniques to be Perth’s leading car paint protection specialist.
  • Workshop – Complete under cover and dust free environment with exceptional lighting which are essential when working on automotive paint work.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Our workshop is one of few in Perth, WA that have a Water Corporation Approved wash bay, and water disposal system.
  • After Hours Service – Flexible Drop Off and Pick Up Times.
  • Quality – Minimal staff with over 16 Years experience to dedicate their full attention on one vehicle at a time.



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