Ceramic Pro vs other Paint Protection

So you want to know how good Ceramic Pro Permanent Paint Protection is?


Ceramic Pro has undergone rigorous research and development to formulate the most durable protective coatings on the market, often our Approved Applicators put them through their paces by doing their own testing to ensure they stand up to what we claim!


This Chevrolet Avalanche is definitely one of those vehicles that have put Ceramic Pro Permanent Paint Protection through its paces, applied back in June 2013 by Driven Colour – Sydney, NSW on a regular customers vehicle it is the perfect candidate for testing. The vehicle lives its life on industrial work sites, caked with clay, bugs, tar, grit and grease EVERYWHERE and certainly not washed regularly.


Inspected in June 2014, and as you can see from the pictures below after a thorough wash the vehicle is still protected and beading water as if it was the day it was applied!


How does Ceramic Pro withstand such heavy contaminants?


Ceramic Pro forms a permanent adhesion to the factory paint work, meaning it cannot be removed by contaminants or regular washing like other paint protection products on the market that do not form a permanent adhesion, or need to be maintained with specific shampoos. Ceramic Pro is also fully chemical resistant, meaning that any heavy cleaning chemicals or contaminants will not affect the coatings performance or break it down so the coating will continue to show its hydrophobic effect, keeping the car cleaner for longer!


We could talk all day about how Ceramic Pro compares to other paint protection products and why they fail, but the proof is in the pictures!


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