Ceramic Pro Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Looking to protect your car from stone chips and scratches that ruin the appearance of your vehicle? Ceramic Pro Kavaca is the answer.

Ceramic Pro Kavaca is a clear aliphatic polyurethane film that is manufactured using top quality raw materials with the latest technology, this clear film commonly known as stone guard, clear wrap or ppf and adds a layer of protection to your paint work to take the impact of stone chips, scratches and other physical damage.

This paint protection film has many benefits, many years of experience in the protective coating industry and extensive research Ceramic Pro have developed the perfect paint protection film to be used along with Ceramic Pro coatings to maximise the performance of our surface protection systems.

These benefits include an Instant-Healing effect, this feature will self heal any scratches in the film almost immediately without any source of heat. It also features a high gloss, ultra slick hydrophobic surface – this feature is much like our ceramic coatings in the sense that it will make the water bead up and roll away, making your car stay cleaner for longer and easier to clean.

Paint protection film has evolved over the years, they are now much more durable, non-yellowing and have increased visual appearance. Ceramic Pro Kavaca uses only the best raw materials – however keep in mind ppf is not bullet proof, it is designed to protect your paint work for a period of time (up to 10 years(, so be rest assured your vehicle is protected with the best film on the market and by the best highly trained applicators.

The application process of a clear wrap can be very difficult and a tedious task,  If there are bubbles or creases in the material, it will warp the material and not adhere to the surface properly which will lead to issues down the line.

There are 2 methods of application, one is bulk wrapping where a bulk lot of film is applied to the surface and carefully trimmed on the vehicle for maximum coverage, the other is template designs which are cut on a plotter to suit each panel of the vehicle then applied – there is no right or wrong way and either application method will depend on the panel the film is being applied to and the desired finish.

Ceramic Pro Kavaca is available through a network of Ceramic Pro Paint Protection Film applicators around Australia who have undergone training in the application method of paint protection films.


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