Ceramic Pro Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Looking to protect your car from stone chips and scratches that ruin the appearance of your vehicle? Ceramic Pro Kavaca is the answer.

Ceramic Pro Kavaca is a clear aliphatic polyurethane film that is manufactured using top quality raw materials with the latest technology, this clear film commonly known as stone guard, clear wrap or ppf and adds a layer of protection to your paint work to take the impact of stone chips, scratches and other physical damage.

This paint protection film has many benefits, many years of experience in the protective coating industry and extensive research Ceramic Pro have developed the perfect paint protection film to be used along with Ceramic Pro coatings to maximise the performance of our surface protection systems.

These benefits include an Instant-Healing effect, this feature will self heal any scratches in the film almost immediately without any source of heat. It also features a high gloss, ultra slick hydrophobic surface – this feature is much like our ceramic coatings in the sense that it will make the water bead up and roll away, making your car stay cleaner for longer and easier to clean.

Paint protection film has evolved over the years, they are now much more durable, non-yellowing and have increased visual appearance. Ceramic Pro Kavaca uses only the best raw materials – however keep in mind ppf is not bullet proof, it is designed to protect your paint work for a period of time (up to 10 years(, so be rest assured your vehicle is protected with the best film on the market and by the best highly trained applicators.

The application process of a clear wrap can be very difficult and a tedious task,  If there are bubbles or creases in the material, it will warp the material and not adhere to the surface properly which will lead to issues down the line.

There are 2 methods of application, one is bulk wrapping where a bulk lot of film is applied to the surface and carefully trimmed on the vehicle for maximum coverage, the other is template designs which are cut on a plotter to suit each panel of the vehicle then applied – there is no right or wrong way and either application method will depend on the panel the film is being applied to and the desired finish.

Ceramic Pro Kavaca is available through a network of Ceramic Pro Paint Protection Film applicators around Australia who have undergone training in the application method of paint protection films.


Ceramic Pro throughout Australia

Ceramic Pro is available in over 80 countries and is world renowned for its advanced Nano-Ceramic Coating Technology, the range of protective coatings cover many industries from Automotive, Marine, Aviation and Industrial applications.

For almost a decade Ceramic Pro has researched and developed coatings to suit many different surfaces and lead the way in ceramic coating product development, making them a leader within the ceramic coating industry, originally starting in the Automotive industry and developing a range of products for Paint, Leather, Fabric, Alloy and Glass they have now incorporated the amazing features of a ceramic coating into a Paint Protection Film, called Kavaca. This polyurethane film features some amazing characteristics such as a Hydrophobic Effect and a Instant Healing Effect – so any scratches or marks disappear almost immediately. Kavaca PPF is manufactured using state of the art technologies and top quality raw materials and displays amazing visual appearance and incredible slickness.

From the Automotive Industry, Ceramic Pro were able to extend this technology into other markets such as Marine, Aviation and many types of Commercial and Industrial applications where the products are used to protect everything from NSW Polair Helicopters (high value government assets) to building and iconic monuments. These applications are a testament to the quality and protective properties that Ceramic Pro offer.

All these products are applied by a specialist team of applicators who have undergone training in the field of protective coatings and understand the technical capabilities of the products and the types of substrates they are applied too.

Not only do Ceramic Pro have independent applicators based throughout all major Capital Cities in Australia and other regions, but there are also dedicated Ceramic Pro centers such as – Ceramic Pro Sydney, and Ceramic Pro Brisbane.

Ceramic Pro Paint Protection gives your car the best chance at protection from damaging environmental impacts, maintaining your paints visual appearance and making it easier to clean and maintain.

If you are looking for the best in Ceramic Coating Technology look no further than Ceramic Pro and contact an Approved Applicator near you.


Ceramic Pro vs other Paint Protection

So you want to know how good Ceramic Pro Permanent Paint Protection is?


Ceramic Pro has undergone rigorous research and development to formulate the most durable protective coatings on the market, often our Approved Applicators put them through their paces by doing their own testing to ensure they stand up to what we claim!


This Chevrolet Avalanche is definitely one of those vehicles that have put Ceramic Pro Permanent Paint Protection through its paces, applied back in June 2013 by Driven Colour – Sydney, NSW on a regular customers vehicle it is the perfect candidate for testing. The vehicle lives its life on industrial work sites, caked with clay, bugs, tar, grit and grease EVERYWHERE and certainly not washed regularly.


Inspected in June 2014, and as you can see from the pictures below after a thorough wash the vehicle is still protected and beading water as if it was the day it was applied!


How does Ceramic Pro withstand such heavy contaminants?


Ceramic Pro forms a permanent adhesion to the factory paint work, meaning it cannot be removed by contaminants or regular washing like other paint protection products on the market that do not form a permanent adhesion, or need to be maintained with specific shampoos. Ceramic Pro is also fully chemical resistant, meaning that any heavy cleaning chemicals or contaminants will not affect the coatings performance or break it down so the coating will continue to show its hydrophobic effect, keeping the car cleaner for longer!


We could talk all day about how Ceramic Pro compares to other paint protection products and why they fail, but the proof is in the pictures!


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Perth Paint Protection Centre

Perth Car Paint Protection Centre


Looking to protect your new or used car with the best Paint Protection product on the market?


Ceramic Pro is Nano Ceramic Coating that creates a Permanent Adhesion to the factory paint work of the vehicle, protecting it indefinitely from environmental contaminants such as bird droppings, bug impacts, tar, tree sap and other fallout that may compromise the factory paint work if it was not protected.


Permanent Protection – Ceramic Pro can only be removed by abrasion (sanding/polishing) due its strong permanent bond with the factory paint work, meaning it will not wash off over time like other paint protection products. Most importantly the coating is fully chemical resistant, so any damaging environmental fall out such as acidic bird poo, bug splatter or even heavy chemical cleaners will not affect the paint protection coating!


Repellency – Ceramic Pro is a hydrophobic coating, any liquid that comes in contact with the coated surface will simply bead up along with any dirt and grime and roll off the paint work, keeping the car cleaner for longer and easier to clean!


Lifetime Warranty* – Ceramic Pro is covered by a Nationwide Lifetime Warranty, covering your paint work for environmental fallout such as bird poo, bug splatter, tar, tree sap if it happens to affect the coated surface –


Ceramic Pro Perth Paint Protection Centre


Diamond Paint Protection
Unit 2/6 Tidal Way, Bibra Lake WA 6163
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About our Perth Paint Protection Centre:


  • Experience – Diamond Paint Protection has been polishing and protecting cars in Perth, WA for over 16 years. Highly experienced, only using the latest products and techniques to be Perth’s leading car paint protection specialist.
  • Workshop – Complete under cover and dust free environment with exceptional lighting which are essential when working on automotive paint work.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Our workshop is one of few in Perth, WA that have a Water Corporation Approved wash bay, and water disposal system.
  • After Hours Service – Flexible Drop Off and Pick Up Times.
  • Quality – Minimal staff with over 16 Years experience to dedicate their full attention on one vehicle at a time.



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