Ceramic Pro - Bentley

Bentley Continental GT

Nothing screams elegance more then this Bentley Continental GT, and it would only seem right to protect it with the leading range of Ceramic Pro coatings!

Not only was the paint work protected, but also the Leather, Fabric, Alloys and Glass surfaces. Firstly, the paint work was inspected and corrected using polishes to suit the Bentley’s paint finish to remove minor imperfections such as swirl marks, scuffs and to increase the overall gloss of the paint work before it was protected with Ceramic Pro.

Once the paint work was coated with Ceramic Pro it was cured with Infrared Lamps, whilst not essential it speeds up the curing time – allowing for the vehicle to get wet and be driven sooner.

The wheels were coated with Ceramic Pro Wheel & Caliper, a high temperature resistant protective coating that will resist heavy brake dust from damaging the expensive wheels and make them much easier to clean due to its hydrophobic effect, which will release dirt and grime.

The interior leather and fabric surfaces were also coated, protecting them from damaging liquid spills due to the hydrophobic effect of Ceramic Pro, the leather surfaces will also stay cleaner for longer and retain a supple finish, which will also prevent cracking and fading over time.

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