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Complete Surface Protection for Automotive Surfaces.

Ceramic Pro by Nano Shine are a series of protective coatings for Automotive Paint, Fabric, Leather, Glass and Plastic / Rubber surfaces that are applied by exclusive Approved Applicators Australia Wide.

Ceramic Pro Paint Protection is a Nano-Ceramic Paint Protection that forms a permanent bond and comes with a Lifetime Warranty*, it offers increased Scratch Resistance, Chemical Resistance, UV & Thermal Resistance, Anti-Graffiti and is Super Hydrophobic.

Ceramic Pro has been officially tested and certified by "SGS", the world's leading testing, verficiation and certifcation company.

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Proud Partners with écurie25 - The Worlds Largest Supercar Club!

Nano Shine are official partners of écurie25 - The worlds largest & longest established Supercar Club. 

écurie25 have over $8 million dollars worth of Australia's most desirable and exotic super cars including the Lamborghini Aventador and Rolls Royce Phantom.

écurie25 constantly add new additions to their collection for their members and entrust Nano Shine to protect and maintain their exotic collection of supercars in Australia.


Paint Protection - Trusted by ecurie25


Why Choose Ceramic Pro to Protect your New Car?

Ceramic Pro range of coatings are based on a unique Nano-Ceramic formula, originally designed for the industrial coating industry, the proven durable coatings used in industrial applications were reformulated to suit modern automotive paint finishes, in 2010 the automotive range was released with Nano Shine being the Official Automotive Division.

Ceramic Pro is not a wax or sealant like offered by car dealerships and other paint protection companies. Ceramic Pro Paint Protection forms a permanent bond to the paint work giving it in a superior shine that can only be removed through mechanical abrasion such as sanding or machine polishing making it extremely durable.

Ceramic Pro Car Paint Protection is backed by a Lifetime Warranty* through a network of Approved Applicators Australia Wide.

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